Understanding Eating Disturbances in OCD Survey

University of Hertfordshire PhD student, Sonay Kucukterzi-Ali, invites all healthcare professionals with 1+ years’ experience working with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to participate in a study investigating eating disturbances in OCD.

This study is comprised of two parts

Part one involves completing a brief online survey, which takes approximately 10 minutes. The survey is designed for healthcare professionals, of any discipline, regardless of their country of practice. 

Part two (optional) involves participating in an interview to further explore views on eating disturbances in OCD. Participants can be of any healthcare/clinical profession but must be based in the United Kingdom.

  • Interviews will last between 30-60 minutes and are completed remotely. For further information or to express interest in Part two, please email Sonay Kucukterzi-Ali at s.kucukterzi2@herts.ac.uk

Participation in any part of the study is anonymous and, as a gesture of thanks, all participants will receive a continuing professional development (CPD) certificate, endorsing their contribution. 

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